Packrafting Trainings and Expeditions

Follow us into adventure! Our packrafting trainings and expeditions are pure outdoor feeling: whitewater packrafting in Slovenia, a multiday land water tour through the Hunsrück or a packrafting expedition training in Scandinavia, plus prospective expeditions. In the foreground, there is always fun and enthusiasm of being out in the nature.

For us the fascination of packrafting is the freedom of connecting paths, lakes and rivers to different and nature-intensive land water adventures. The small, light weighted, but very rugged packrafts fit the backpack easily. With only a few additional kilograms, this is the basis of adventure and wilderness feeling on extraordinary paths.

At the locations of our trips we can also organize your next individual event. For example for larger family and private groups to include company events and team building workshops.

Packrafting Trainings and Events

Packrafting Day Trainings and Events at River Nahe (In German)

Experience the fascination of Packrafting in one day. As a day training or group event.

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Multiday Packrafting Training Hunsrück-Compact (2-Days)

Our compact multiday packrafting trip takes place in the area of our well-known expedition style packrafting trip to the Hunsrück and conveys compact knowledge and skills on two training days. The goal of this training is to give intense theoretical and practical background information on equipment and touring knowledge for combined multiday packrafting trips.

You will learn theoretically in an intensive workshop and implement the new knowledge during a land water trekking tour on the second tour day. You can use your own equipment or rent it from us.

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Multiday Packrafting Trainings Hunsrück-Tour (4-Days)

The original Land Water Adventure: 4 days with backpack and boat in the wilderness and rural remoteness of the Hunsrück.
A trip and training all in one, makes the land water trip unique. This intensive adventure is provided to those who want to experience a Land Water Adventure or just to test their equipment during a multiday trip.

As a participant you will undergo four days of outdoor challenges, learning different outdoor skills, having a packrafting training and land water trekking workshop, of course in small groups, accompanied by professional guides. We will have cozy bonfire evenings and tents close by the river. You can use your own equipment or rent it from us.

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Whitewater Packrafting Trainings Soča (Slovenia)

A whitewater packrafting trip on the alpine rivers of Soča and Koritnica in Slovenia. On combined trekking and whitewater trips, with light weighted equipment, you will experience the canyons of Soča.

You will be individually trained extensively with techniques on how to navigate in easy to challenging whitewater level III/IV. Additionally you will get to know the fun, and feel the freedom of whitewater paddling with packrafts and experience several days of action, paddling and nature.
This training is for advanced but also for beginners, who are well fit. Our base camp is with cozy bonfire evenings and camping ground close by. You can use your own equipment or rent it from us.

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Whitewater Packrafting Trianing Tyrol (Austria)

The river Lech offers a great environment for learning whitewater paddling for ambitious beginners.

During our open trainings in Tyrol we combine the first elements of safety training in whitewater with paddling technique and Packrafting in the Alpine scenery of the Lech Valley.

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Advanced whitewater Packrafting Trainings Soča

For those packrafters with previous whitewater experience we offern an advanced training in Slovenia.

The usual prerequesite is joining one of our open trainings before. If you are an otherwise experienced paddler, please contact us.

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Advanced whitewater Packrafting Trainings Tyrol (Austria)

In Tyrol/Austria you can take part in a sporty whitewater experience through alpine scenery. Immerse yourself in the mighty peaks of the Lech and be taken away by the crystal clear mountain water of the upper Isar, into an unspoiled wild water landscape.

This early alpine summer highlight in Tyrol is made for advanced paddlers and packrafters with whitewater experience.

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Packrafting Expeditions

Packrafting Expedition Training Norway

Expedition style packrafting in the wild northern borderland of Norway and Sweden!

Only once per season a maximum of 8 participants can go on our most intense trip and training: the packrafting expedition through the Sylan Mountains in the vast wilderness of Scandinavia.

What makes this expedition so unique? In the loneliness of mountains, lakes and rivers, we train expedition styled packrafting skills under realistic wild nature conditions. In teams, you work out your day’s stage on your own, but always with professional guidance. By the bonfire, on the riverbank, while the raindrops fall on the group tent, or during the Nordic sunset, you will plan the next stage, before you together lead out on the route the next day.

Ready for the wilderness?

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Expedition Iceland

We offer 7-day expeditions through Iceland. Waterfalls and elves, lava cliffs and moss, lots of wind and sometimes the feeling of walking straight over the moon, this is Iceland.

Once a year, usually in July, we lead a small group of packraft adventurers on an expedition to Iceland. Follow us into solitude and rough lava landscapes, past glaciers, through raging streams and crystal-clear lakes.

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Expedition Laponia

For now our toughest project: In the area of the Laponia Expedition of 2015, we are conducting 8-day Packrafting expedition tours.

North of the Arctic Circle, we spend 8 days on an packrafting expedition route in the wilderness of scandinavian rivers, lakes and in the vast northern landscape of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage: Laponia. Are you with us?

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